• Case of private template:
    1. The user would have the option to hide or permanently delete the content in My private templates if the user did not join any group that prevents private projects.
    2. Due to the fact that this content will be permanently deleted once confirm the process, a warning window will pop-up and provide the option to download the template as PDF files before deleting them.
  • Case of group templates:
    1. Deletion of group data is prohibited by default settings, so members can only hide but not delete them.
    2. However, if the group admin changes the group settings, allowing members to delete content, there will be an option to permanently delete the shared templates.
    3. Similarly, members will have the opportunity to download the projects as PDF files before deleting them.
  • To remove a template:
    1. Go to Manage > Templates.
    2. Hover over the to-be-deleted template and click on the gearwheel that appears to the right.
    3. Choose Remove in the dropdown menu.
    4. A lightbox will appear giving you the option to either Hide or Delete the template.
    5. If you want to permanently delete the template, click Delete. A warning lightbox will appear to inform that you can download the template as a PDF file before deleting it.
      1. Click Export as PDF to download the template as a PDF file.
      2. The link on the lightbox will redirect you to complete the export process, thus you will need to repeat steps 1-5 afterwards in order to delete the template.
    6. Confirm by clicking Delete.