1. To create an MDB, you need to activate the MDB app first.
  2. Go to Manage > Material Database.
  3. Click +Add and choose Material database from the dropdown menu.
    • The newly created MDB is named Untitled material database by default
    • To rename it:
      1. Click on the pencil icon next to Untitled material database.
      2. Type in its new name into the cell.
      3. Confirm by clicking the icon for Save next to the cell.
  4. Click +Add and choose Category from the dropdown menu.
    1. Give it a name in the cell in section one
    2. Select attributes from the suggestion list or click +Add new attribute to create one
      1. For the list, you can search by entering the names in the search bar.
      2. For a new attribute, you can set the format of data (i.e. text, number, date or URL) and whether this field is required.
    3. Confirm by clicking Save to the upper right of the cell for the name.
  5. Click +Add and choose Item from the dropdown menu.
    1. Click on the first cell and select the category in which you would like to add the new item from the dropdown list.
    2. Enter the information of the item according to the features stated to the left of the cells.
    3. Confirm by Save to the right of the cell for categories.

Please note: Items cannot be added without an existing category, nor categories be added without a material database.