1. Open the entry in which you would like to insert an entry reference and then click on the icon for Add text in the entry toolbar.
  2. In the new text block, insert Entry references via an icon that looks like an open quotation mark.
  3. Click on the cell noted Search for an entry in the lightbox titled Insert entry reference. Entries created by or shared with you will show up in alphabetical order by entry title. The entry author and projects to which the entry belongs are given as well.
  4. To search for an entry, enter any part of its title into the cell. The list will be filtered as you are typing words into the cell and you can select the one you look for from the list.
  5. Click Insert to add the entry reference. Each entry allows unlimited number of references. To access the reference, click on the respective hyperlink .


Since only the titled entries can be searched, only those can be referenced. Therefore, always add a title to your entries so that they can be referenced by you and your colleagues. Any inserted reference to an entry will always link to the most recent version of this entry.