Entries can be hidden but not deleted. In order to protect the integrity of your research, no data recorded in an experiment shall be removed permanently from an on-going project. 

Some notes may not be as useful as others in your literary report, you can solve this issue through simply removing them from view. In this way Labfolder ensures that the standards of laboratory practice are upheld as you are able to hide entries from view but they always remain in the system to comply with standard integrity recommendations. 

  • To hide an entry:
    1. Navigate to the entry you would like to hide.
    2. Click on the gearwheel icon in the top-right corner and select Hide from the dropdown menu.
    3. A lightbox will appear explaining what a hidden entry is and how to view them. Click the Hide button in the bottom right of the lightbox.
    4. Your entry will now be hidden from view. In order to see all hidden items you have your account settings.