1. Navigate to Manage > Groups.
  2. Open the group you wish to modify.
  3. Click on settings to the right of the heading Administration.
  4. Click on edit in the section Members rights.
  5. Check the square box in front of Prevent group members from having private projects.
    • By checking this option, group members will not be able to record private projects with Labfolder.
    • If you check the box after a team member who owns private projects joined your group, his/her private folder will simply disappear. Therefore, we suggest you let your team members move private projects to group projects before changing the setting.
    • Users invited to a group that prevents private projects will be prompted with a warning before joining. All their private projects will be moved into the Group projects folder and visible by the group administrator(s).
  6. Click on save to confirm changes.

Note: This feature is for the advanced version only.