Working with your connected devices is the most basic function of the Laboperator Application. To do so, go to Devices in the Navigation Menu and select a device. Now you can see the interface belonging to the selected device. Click here to learn how to add a device.

Device Dashboards 

After selecting a device, you will look at the device's default interface, where you can find current information on your device. Every type of device has its own default layout.

Personalize Dashboards 

To personalize a device’s dashboard layout, navigate to the Details Panel on the right and click on Layout Settings; then select Layout Tool. Now you can resize and rearrange every element of your device dashboard.

Starting Measurements 

To start a measurement, navigate to the measurement Item in the Details Panel and select -> Start Measurement. Now the measurement is running until you stop it manually by clicking on Stop Now. More details.

Where to find your completed measurements 

After stopping your measurement, you will find the completed measurements in the same panel at Related Measurements. Now you can either start a new measurement or select a measurement from your list. If you want to edit a completed measurement, select it in the Details Panel and click Selected Measurement, now navigate to Edit (you can add a description, change selected devices, etc.).

If you want to review the measurements of your devices navigate to Measurements in the Navigation Menu. More details.