In order to connect a device to a new connector box you need to first pair the Connector Box with your account. 

  1.  Power off the Connector Box and power it on again. (Now you have 5 minutes to perform the pairing.) 
  2.  In the Navigation Menu of the Laboperator Application go to Connectors  -> Add new Connector.
  3.  Enter the 12-digit Connector Key provided on the Connector Box and continue. Only you and your administrator can now manage this Connector Box, it is not visible for other users.
  4. An overview of all 4 USB ports will be displayed when the pairing is completed successfully.
  5. For each of your devices, click on the corresponding connect button, select the vendor and model and confirm.

After this is completed the device should appear in your device list. Then it can be controlled and shared with other users in your team.