Here are a few useful word definitions to help you find your way around our helpdesk articles for the Laboperator Platform

Working with the Laboperator Platform always consists of three components. The Connector/Connector Box, your laboratory Devices and the Laboperator Application

In addition to this, two working levels should be distinguished: 

  • The physical level on which the Connector Box has to be connected to the Devices and a computer or tablet
  • The virtual level, (the Laboperator Application) which controls and monitors the devices once the working environment has been successfully set up.

For more information on the three main components:

  1. Connectors and Connector Box
  2. Devices
  3.  Laboperator Application

Connectors and Connector Box

The Connector is a piece of software implemented virtual on a computer/ tablet or within the Connector Box. The Connector Box is the physical connection between your laboratory Devices, your network and the Lapoperator Application. It is provided by us and connects the Devices via data cables (ethernet, USB, etc.). Due to the limitation of slots, a maximum of four Devices can be connected to one Connector Box

(For more specific information, check out our technical specifications page: Laboperator Connector Box 1.0.)

If a Connector runs only virtual on a computer, there is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected. 

Within our the Laboperator App, connectors are the virtual representation of your physical Connector or Connector Box. They are the interface to the devices accessed via the web application. The connectors play a central role in the functioning of the Laboperator, so you need to ensure that your connector is active. 


We refer to anything that is connected to the Laboperator Platform as a Device. In the physical world that can be your laboratory equipment but also things like sensors, barcode scanners, cameras or even a computer running other pieces of software. 

Within the Laboperator App, your physical devices are assigned specific settings by default that offer varying functions depending on the device type.

Laboperator Application

The Laboperator Application is our user interface for the Laboperator Platform. It can be accessed with any modern web browser (e.g. Safari, Firefox or Chrome). 

Your Account  

Each user has his or her own User Account to which he or she can log in via any web browser. To do so, the user has to register an account, then log in using an email and password. 

Navigation Menu 

In the Navigation Menu you will find all relevant resources that our app covers. If you select a resource such as "Connectors", you will get an overview of your Connectors.


The Content is displayed within the center of the application, and it provides information about a selected element. 

In the case below, it provides details about a Connector

Details Panel 

To the right of the Content is the Details Panel. Here you will find specific functions for the selected Content. You can e.g. adjust the layout of the content window or start measurements. The functions available depend on the selected resource.

Context Menu 

The Context Menu provides you functions that are specific to the selected content. Here you can add new Devices or review your activities.