1. Add Connectors
  2. Add a device to a Connector
  3. Rename Connector

Add Connectors

Go to Connectors in the Navigation Menu then click -> Add new Connector

Then enter the connector key, which is printed on the Connector Box. (For more details click here).

Please note: If you connect a new Connector Box to your Laboperator platform, it needs to have an enrollment setup first.

Add a device to a Connector

To add a device to a Connector:

  1. Navigate to the onnector you want to add the device to.
  2. Choose the USB port you pluged the device into. 
  3. Click Connect
  4. Choose your device type and then click Confirm.

Rename Connector 

When you have selected the connector, which you want to change the name of, navigate to the context menu and click -> Edit. Then you can change the name of the connector.