1. Creating new measurements
  2. Reviewing measurements
  3. Editing measurements
  4. Exporting data
  5. Commenting and marking measurements

Creating new Measurements

To create a new measurement, go to Measurements in the Navigation Menu and navigate to the Context Menu and select New Measurement. Then you have to choose the device you want to use for your measurement and select the channels you want to add. Through this you can also enter a description, modify the start and end time and add custom attributes.

Reviewing Measurements

It is always possible to review your measurements. To do this, you need to navigate to Measurements in the Navigation Menu, then select the measurement you want to review.

Editing Measurements

To edit a measurement, go to Measurements in the Navigation Menu and select the measurement you want to edit, then navigate to the Context Menu and hit Edit. Then you can easily edit your measurements.

Exporting Data

Navigate to the measurement you want to download data from, select the file format you need and click Next and Download.

Commenting and marking Measurements

After a measurement, it is possible to add comments and markings if. You can either add a comment or mark the latest data point as Invalid or Highlight.