1. How to create a new job
  2. Editing a job
  3. Adding tasks
  4. Editing tasks
  5. Executing tasks
  6. Sorting tasks
  7. Exporting data

How to create a new job

To create a new job, go to Jobs in the Navigation Menu navigate Context Menu and click -> New Job.

Then you will need to choose a name for the Job.

You can also add custom attributes to the job. When a new job is created it is possible to add a new task to your job. Then you can easily customize your selected task, add various attributes like descriptions, task type, etc. You can also add users to the tasks if they are responsible for it, enabling them to automatically get access to the job. 

Editing a job

A job that has already been created can still be edited. To do this, you need to select the job you want to edit and click Edit. Then you can change the name of the job and add new attributes.

Adding tasks

To add a task, you need to first select the job you want to add it to and within the job select Add a new Task. If you want to add a task to a new job, you need to first create the job and then proceed as described.

It is also possible to add further custom attributes to your tasks. To do this you need to select Add Custom Attributes and define the type of attribute and the required data.

When you add a new task, you can select what type of task you want to add, the sample that is required, and other functions depending on the type of task you are adding.

If you are working on the task as a team, you can also add your colleagues, this will automatically give them access to your (specific) task. To do so, go to Assigned and then select the people you want to add.

Editing tasks

Select the task you want to edit, then click Edit next to the attributes you want to change. If you want to change advanced attributes of your task, click Edit in the Actions bar.

Executing tasks

Depending on the type of task, the possible commands in the Actions bar can vary.

To execute a task, click Start or Queue in the Actions bar. After a task has been executed, it is automatically saved. 

Please note: the task can also be repeated at any time.

In the Actions bar, you will find (depending on the type of task) the Start, Repeat, Lock and Cancel commands for your tasks.

Reordering tasks

To reorder your tasks, select Reorder at the jobs bar then drag and drop your tasks in the order you need. Then lick Submit to save.

Exporting data

To export the data of a job go to the Details Panel, then choose the file format you need and click Download.