With this method, you can reset your Connector Box to factory settings, and upgrade/downgrade the firmware to a specific version.

During this procedure, all individual configurations like enrollment, wifi, network address and update server are removed and need to be re-applied.

Step 1: Download the Laboperator connector file from the link provided by Laboperator. It is a file with approx. 8GB in size and “.img” extension.

Step 2: Unplug the power cable from your Connector Box.

Step 3: Remove the microSD card from your Connector Box, and insert it in your PC (using a microSD card reader).

Step 4: Use one of these image writer program to write the .img file and write the whole image onto the microSD card:

Do not mount the microSD card on your computer or use a disk format utility, also do not copy the .img file directly on the microSD card. The image writer program automatically creates the necessary partitions.

Step 5: After the microSD card is successfully written, insert it into the connector box and reconnect your power cable.

Step 6: Continue with the regular enrollment procedure.