Storage location

All structural data (e.g. users and groups, samples, tasks) and all recorded data (e.g. datapoints from devices) are stored on the server. On the Connector Box, no datapoints are stored. Only in the case of a connection loss, a buffer can keep a limited amount of datapoints which are uploaded upon reconnect. The Connector Boxes are completely stateless, as all configuration settings such as mapping of devices, device types and ports are stored on the server. During enrolment, these configuration settings are dynamically updated on the Connector Box.

Data access levels

Every action or dataset is linked to a user account in the Laboperator platform. User registration and profiles are stored in the database. Passwords are never stored in plain text. The integrated audit trail logs all modifications/user edit actions on device configuration and team management level.

Several end user access levels allow a fine-grained access control to datasets, based on team membership and role. An organization administrator can configure all Connector Boxes and Devices, whereas regular users have their team scope and can only access devices and datasets inside their permission group.

Retention policy

Upon customer’s request, a retention time of data entries can be defined, after which they are archived to a given permanent file store.

Content export

After the planned duration of operation, or withdrawal of the license, the Laboperator platform is not available any more to the customer. At any given time, and with a grace period of at least 6 weeks after end of service, data and content can be exported without restrictions by an administrator. The export format is a SQL compatible database dump file.