Laboperator Server 

Laboperator is providing the server in form of docker images. The required host server environment will be provided by the client and can be hosted at any location inside or outside the client’s infrastructure. The client needs to ensure a network connection between the virtualization environment and relevant system components such as the Laboperator Connector Boxes and clients using the Laboperator Application. 

Laboperator Connector Boxes 

The required amount of Connector Boxes will be provided by Laboperator. At each Connector Box, up to 4 devices can be attached. The overall amount of Connector Boxes is determined by the architectural layout of the lab environment, e.g. if the devices are close enough to each other to allow the corresponding serial cables to reach to the Connector Box. The Connector Boxes can be connected to the network using Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. 


As output devices used in the laboratories, the client will provide users with tablets. Wi-Fi connectivity in the facilities for all output devices is fully managed by the client. A browser of the latest generation will be required to use the web application. On Android tablets, the latest Chrome version will fulfill these requirements, on iPad both Safari and Chrome can be used.