Note: Changes can only be made by category Owners, Managers, and Editors. By adding a new item manually or via excel an item ID based on the current date is automatically created (format: LR-YYYYMMDD-{incremental number}). A later modification of the Item ID is currently not possible.

There are two ways to add items to a category - manually or by importing an Excel sheet:

Adding items manually:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Labregister.
  2. Open the category you'd like to edit.
  3. On the bottom right click on Add item.
  4. Choose Add item or Add several items via Excel(further explanation below the screenshot).

    1. An auto-generated Item ID will be created after saving it. Please note that it’s not
      possible to change the item ID at any time.
    2. Fill in the cells with the attributes describing the item. An asterisk next to the attribute's name means that the attribute is mandatory.
  5. Click the green floppy disc icon to confirm.

Adding items from Excel file:

You can import your existing inventory to the Labregister by uploading an Excel file. In order to perform a smooth import, you have to prepare your Excel sheet beforehand. After the file is uploaded to the inventory you can match the attributes of your items to attributes in a material category.