Laboperator is a product by Labforward since 2019.

Laboperator is the leading solution for connecting any laboratory equipment, across manufacturers. Laboperator prevents mistakes originating in manual data transfer, increases efficiency, and makes valuable data available to other data management solutions.

With the Laboperator, laboratory equipment, sensors, connector boxs and other devices of various manufacturers can be connected - and then controlled via an easy-to-use user interface. With the new workflow feature, sequences of complex execution steps can be modeled and executed. Instrument data is acquired and can be processed to influence downstream workflow steps. In addition to instrument data, information about manual actions and other events can be collected and passed on to data management systems such as LIMS or ELNs in a structured way.

Laboperator itself is not an ELN or LIMS system, but instead intends to fill the gap between available ELN and LIMS products and the mostly offline work done at the lab bench. We can therefore consider it as a LES (Laboratory Execution System).

Laboperator is available in the cloud and on premise. With the open architecture and user-centric philosophy, the platform is extremely flexible: it facilitates the control and data acquisition of individual devices, the combination of different devices to workflows and the monitoring of hundreds of devices at the same time. Laboperator’s flexible nature allows it to be used in all laboratory sectors and, as a result, allows research to operate at its full potential. The device portfolio includes a constantly growing number of devices that can be connected (“plug-n-play”). In this way laboratory automation is feasible even on a small scale - with the possibility of gradually setting up and expanding your own “Connected Lab”.