Sign up to Laboperator

If you want to sign up to an existing organization in Laboperator you need to be invited by an organizational administrator via email. Follow the instrcutions listet there.

Otherwise you can visit to create a new organization and an account in Laboperator.

Login and Logout

To sign in to Laboperator visit and use your account credantials to login. To logout navigate to More in the navigation menu and find the logout button on the bottom.

Note: If your company is not using the standard Laboperator cloud ( the links might deviate from the above. Ask an administrator for help

User Profile Settings

To view or change your Profile Settings navigate to More on the navigation menu and click on Profile. Here you can set or change your:

  • Username
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Position
  • Phone number
  • Language
  • Time zone
  • Password

Note: Make sure to leave the password field empty if you want to change any information but the password

Resetting Password

If you have forgotten you password go to the sign in screen ( and click on the button right above the password. Follow the instructions from here to reset your password via email.