The basic Laboperator User Interface is built of the following sections:

  • Navigation Menu (blue)
  • Content (green)
  • Context Menu (yellow)
  • Header (orange)

Navigation Menu (blue)

In the navigation menu, you find your Collections and Resources you have access to. Via the ADD-button you can add Resources like Connectors, Workflows, or Dashboards, depending on your Permissions. On the bottom you can change the Organization you are logged in to. By clicking on More you will find further options like your Profile Settings or the logout button.

Content (green)

The content section displays content based on the currently selected Resource e.g. a Dashboard of a Device or a Workflow.

Context Menu (yellow)

Within the context menu, you have several options depending on the current Resource selected. 

Header (orange)

On the left side of the header you can open or hide the navigation menu. On the right side, you can open or hide the context menu by clicking on the information button. Depending on the Resource selected, a button with three dots provides further settings (like e.g. Device driver settings) or, for Collections, displays a search button.