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The feature Measurement is the collection of data from one or more Device channels that are represented on a Dashboard. A measurement can be started from any Dashboard with channels and can be added, moved, removed, edited, archived, etc. as any other Resource in Labopertor. 

Creating a new Measurement from a Dashboard

Click on the information button on the top right to open the context menu and select the measurement tab. By clicking on Start Measurement a new measurement will be created in the list of measurements within the menu. A green dot indicates the current measurement that is running. When selecting the current measurement a stop button appears at the top of the menu where the current measurement can be stopped. To open and view the measurement, select the corresponding and click on Open Measurement right beside Selected Measurement.

Additionally, a measurement resource will be created within the collection the dashboard is located. From here you may edit, share, delete, etc. the measurement like any other resource. 

Creating a new Measurement from a single device channel

Additionally to measurements from dashboards you can also create a measurement of a single device channel. Click on the +ADD-button at the top of the navigation menu and select measurement. Edit start and end time and add a comment if necessary. You then have to select the channel you want to take the measurement from and may add a custom attribute or change the collection you want to create the resource in. Click on submit when ready.

Edit Meta Data

When a measurement is opened (via the dashboard or the created resource), the metadata can be edited. Click on the edit button to e.g. change the time, add attributes, or add comments.

Viewing historical data

Some elements like for example a line chart element allows the viewing of historical data. Right-click on the element and select Settings. Choose the time button to view the historical data points of this element.

Export data of Measurements

To export data of measurements, click on the download icon within the context menu. Here you can decide between JSON, CSV, and Excel for downloading. You can also aggregate data at this point. After a click on next the export will be created and a file available for download. The export will also be available as a resource in your collection and can be moved, shared, deleted, or archived from here. To download the export simply double-click on the resource.

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