You can use Laboperator to constantly monitor device channels and get a notification when a specific event - a data point on a channel - occurs.

Adding a new Notification

Click on more in the navigation Menu and select notification settings. On the top right in the header you can add a notification. Now you can name the event, add a message and adjust the trigger. Select a device channel and add a rule. You can also group your rules. After you have created the notification you can open it by clicking on the title. Here you can adjust the event trigger or set additional settings. You can add a delivery method (e.g. email) or limit the rate of notifications. On the bottom of this page you can view all notifications of this notification or delete notifications. If an event is met, you’ll get notified on the pre-defined way(s). You can also view the notifications by clicking on the notification button in the navigation menu. Here you can also indicate whether you have read the notification.