When using an on-premise server, usually the DNS name is not part of the public internet. This means that the certificate is not trusted on browsers. To guarantee a secure connection without error messages, follow these steps to install the root certificate on your device. 

Install the root certificate

First, download the root certificate from your server by navigating to More > Server Configuration > Security, or use the file provided by Laboperator. Follow the instructions for your operating system:


Copy the Laboperator_server_root_ca.crt to each computer, and import it into “Trusted Root ”. Both Internet Explorer Edge and Chrome can now be certificate authorities used to access the server. If you are using Firefox, you have to import the certificate in Firefox separately.


Open the Laboperator_server_root_ca.crt file and install it in keychain. Then open the certificate there and change the trust settings to “Always trust”.


Send the Laboperator_server_root_ca.crt file via AirDrop to an iPhone or iPad. Install the certificate according to the popup.
Then, go to Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings and enable the Laboperator Root Certificate.


Copy the root certificate to the device and install it according to the device manufacturers guidelines.