3rd party software such as Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) can be integrated to Laboperator using the Laboperator API. Two integration scenarios are possible:

Interacting with 3rd party software within Laboperator

Within Laboperator data can be pulled or pushed from or to 3rd party software by using the capabilities of the Laboperator API. For example in a workflow, sample information can be pulled from a LIMS, a weighing workflow be executed, and the results + sample information be pushed to an ELN at the end.

Interacting with Laboperator from a 3rd party software

Almost every functionality of Laboperator can be used from an external software system by making request against the Laboperator API. This enables the use of the Laboperator capabilities without interacting with the Laboperator User Interface. Thus Laboperator can be used for example as a device integration layer or within an ELN or LIMS.

Integration Services for complex integration scenarios 

To enable more complex integrationsc, amiddleware software might be implemented working as an integration service between the APIs of the two systems. Such a service would handle authentications, data transformation, and bundling of data exchanges between the systems.