The Laboperator Audit Trail logs any activities made by users or the system itself. 

View the Audit Trail

Navigate to more in the navigation menu and click on activities. Now you see the audit trail with the latest activities at the top. 

Filter and visibility options

You have several options to filter or change the view of the audit trail:

  • Use the switch next to Event to open the details of the entries on the page. 
  • Use the switch next to Timestamp to change the time format.
  • Use the filter buttons on the right to show all events of a resource or show all sub-events of an event. 
  • Click on the info button in the top right and select the filter tab to further filter options. Here you can search the audit trail, choose the user types (registered and/or system), filter for resource types, filter for a time range or indicate to show entries with a reason only.

Audit Trail Exports

Click on the info button in the top right and select the export tab to export audit trail entries. 

  • Your export will include all entries that are shown based on your current filter settings. If there are a lot of entries in your filter the export will split the result into multiple files. The export might take longer if you choose to export a lot of data at once.
  • Choose one of the available formats: PDF, CSV, or Excel.
  • Click on create in order to start the export.