Advanced Version

Note: Only owners and admins can define share settings and therefore share content on (sub)-group level. Sharees will have read-only access to colleague's entries but can contribute with their own data entries.

To share a project or a folder with multiple projects with your group members, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage > Projects.
  2. Open the Group projects folder where the respective project/folder is located.
  3. Hover over the project/folder you wish to share and click on the Gearwheel icon on the right. Select Share settings.
  4. A window entitled Settings will appear. Click on the box next to the people you would like to share these data with.
  5. Click Save to confirm.

Of course, you are always able to go back and change the access right settings.

Note: Folder share settings propagate project share settings. If a folder is shared with UserX, then the projects in that folder will also be shared with UserX. If a project is shared with UserY, this does not mean that the folder or other projects within are shared with him.