Labregister's inventory management allows Owners, Managers, and Editors to use bulk actions to organize and modify different added items at once. To access Labregister click on Manage > Labregister

On the left side checkboxes in front of every item from the respective categories are displayed. As soon as one item is selected over the checkbox, you have the following bulk options:

  1. Deselect all items.
  2. Gives you an overview of the number of all selected items.
  3. By clicking on the checkbox in the header, all items of the category are selected.
  4. Click on single checkboxes to select single items.
  5. Click on EDIT to edit the value of one attribute for several items at once. In a pop-up window select the attribute you want to change. Automatically generated attributes are not displayed.
  6. Click on DUPLICATE and choose the number of duplicates you want (up to 100). Afterward, duplicates are displayed with numbers in brackets after the title.
  7. Click on DELETE. For safety reasons, a pop-up window appears. Enter DELETE to be able to erase all selected items and confirm it over the button DELETE.

Tip: Instead of clicking on multiple items, you can select the first checkbox of an item, press the shift key and, depending on how many items you want to select, click on the last checkbox. Over this way all items between the first and the last selected item will be selected as well.