This is a living document for the next major release of Laboperator due in early 2022.

  • The exiting roles and permission concept (Access Control List - ACL) currently implemented in Laboperator, will be replaced with a more robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model. We are currently working on a migration strategy to minimize the observable impact on existing customers.
  • Some APIv2 endpoints will be rearranged to enable finer control on user rights and permissions. Customers having custom integration with our API will start seeing deprecation messages across several API endpoints.
  • Our deployment strategy will be changed from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes.
  • The official release of API v2. Support for API v1 will end with the release of this new major version.
  • The official release of the Workflow feature and removal of the option to disable this feature via toggle in the Server Administration settings.