As Organization Administrator you can change the Details as Theme Settings and the Time Format, manage all Users, Groups, and Roles.

Details (Theme Settings, Time Format, etc.)

To change Organization Details, like the Name, Location, Theme Settings, and Time Format, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on More.
  2. Afterward, select Details.
  3. In the top Navigation Menu right corner, you can edit the Organization by clicking on the three dots. 
  4. Here you can add/upload/change:  
    1. Name, Location, Website, and Description of your Organization.
    2. The Logo.
    3. The colors of the theme settings. Enter color values in a valid CSS format, for example #ffad00, rgb (255, 173, 0), or hsl (41, 100%, 50%). The Primary Color changes the header of Laboperator.
    4. The Secondary Color, which changes the color of the checkboxes. 
    5. The Organization Time Format. You can choose between the default Calendar Time Format (checked) or a Custom Time Format (by unchecking the box). Time Formatting Guidelines can be found here. To see an example for Custom Time Format see Step 5.
    6. Click on SUBMIT.
  5. By unchecking the box right before Calendar format, you are able to set a Custom Time Format. Time Formatting Guidelines can be found here