Labfolder - Inventory Management

What should I do when I receive an error message while trying to upload my inventory list?
How do I share a category and assign access rights?
What roles can be assigned to team members?
How do I link an entry or template to an MDB?
Can I import an existing inventory to the MDB?
How to set up my Excel import file for the MDB?
How do I add an item to a category?
How do I create a category?
What does the MDB have to offer?
How to import an Excel inventory to match the MDB category?
How do I delete a category in the MDB?
How many attributes can I have in a category?
How do I edit an item in the category?
If I update an MDB item, what will happen to the links in my entries?
How do I activate the MDB?
Is there a limit of how many people can be owner/manager/editor/viewer?
How do I unshare a category?
How many different categories/items can I have?
How do I change the category’s name?
Can I have different roles in different categories?
What do I need to consider when preparing the MDB for an inventory import?
Why can’t I change the permissions of a category?
Why can't I add an item to the category?
Who can assign roles to team members?
Can I use the import functionality to constantly update my inventory?
After I imported an Excel list, can I undo this step?
What happens if the category Owner closes their Labfolder account?
Can I access previous versions of an MDB item from the export file?
When importing, do I need to specify the status of my items?
How do I download/export my inventory?
Can I select specific columns/data/attributes for export?
Which file type will my inventory export have?
Can I export several categories/inventories at once?
Can I export my inventory, edit it and then easily import it again?
How do I create a Mandatory Attribute?
What does the MDB has to offer?