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Labfolder offers users two Apps for data validation, Sign & Witness and Signature Workflows:

  • The free Sign & Witness App allows you to sign and request 1 more witness.
  • Signature Workflows, however, is a paid upgrade designed to create complex validation workflows, including multiple witnesses and the option to comment on approval or rejection actions.


Signing an Entry

Depending on the workflow specification, the Entry author or selected group members are allowed to provide the first signature and start the reviewing process.

  1. Go to the Entry you want to sign.
  2. Click on the Entry options (three-dots icon in the Entry header) and then Sign entry.
  3. Now, you can choose to sign the Entry by either entering your login credentials or drawing your signature in the space provided.
  4. At this point, you are also able to edit the signature intention.
  5. Press the Sign button and the signature will appear on the Entry footer.

Note: After applying the first signature, the Entry is no longer editable. If you want to make the Entry editable again, all signatures for that Entry need to be revoked (see below for details).

Requesting a witness by Signature Workflows

  1. Signature Workflows needs to be activated for your entire group.
  2. To request a witness for an Entry, the author or entitled user must sign the entry first.

  1. If you are about to sign the Entry:
    1. After clicking Sign to confirm your signature, a pop-up will appear.
    2. Choose who should be the witness for the selected Entry from the available options.
    3. Press send to inform the witness about the request.

  1. If you have already signed the Entry:
    1. Open the Entry and click on the three-dots in the top right corner.
    2. Select Send to review.

    1. Choose who should be the witness for the selected Entry from the available options.
    2. Press SEND to inform the witness about the request.

Reviewing an Entry

As a reviewer of an Entry, you will receive an email (if that option was chosen when creating the Signature Workflow) to notify you about the request. Additionally, the request will also appear on your dashboard. To review an Entry:

  1. Select the link from the email or go to DASHBOARD > Signature workflows tile and click on the message in your Signature Workflow Inbox.

  1. In the Notebook view, you will now see the respective Entry.
  2. At the bottom of the page you can select ACCEPT.

Note: (1) In case the reject option has been activated for a Signature Workflow, there will be an additional REJECT button. Please, read this article for detailed instructions.(2) In a Signature Workflow multiple individuals can be assigned as optional reviewers. They can only be invoked one at a time, however. Click SEND TO REVIEW to send the Entry to the next possible reviewer for assessment.
  1. A pop-up will open allowing to sign the Entry using your login credentials or a handwritten signature.
  2. By clicking SIGN, your signature will appear on the Entry footer.

  1. If there is a subsequent review step in the Signature Workflow, a window will appear for you to select the next reviewer.

Status of an Entry

In order to track the status of individual Entries, go to DASHBOARD > Signature Workflows tile. Here, you will find Entries that were assigned to you for reviewing (Inbox) as well as Entries you assigned (Outbox). The status of the Entry in the workflow is displayed accordingly.

  • New (Inbox only): No signature has been given yet by the assigned reviewer.
  • Sent to (Outbox only): No signature has been given yet by the reviewer seeing the request on the Dashboard.
  • Reviewed: Entries which have been reviewed by the reviewer seeing the request on the Dashboard and which are still in the process.
  • Approved (Outbox only): Entries which have been completely reviewed following the workflow signatures.
  • Rejected: Entries which have been rejected by the reviewer seeing the request on the Dashboard.

Note: If the Signature Workflow includes commenting on an Entry, it will show in the DASHBOARD > Comments tile. The Inbox will be offering comments that have been added to Entries that you own, while the Outbox will be listing all the comments that you made on others' Entries.

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