To create a Workflow with Loop Until Condition, follow these steps:

  1. As it is currently necessary to start with a Step, we choose the Step "Show Alert" in the Step Templates menu.

  1. We then configure by naming our variable temperature and clicking + Create "temperature".

  1. Clicking Add inserts the new Step into our Workflow where the one (+) is pulsing.

  1. Next, we choose a Condition Type from the Conditions tab in the sidebar: Loop Until.

  1. As Condition variable, we are offered the variable we have created before: temperature

  1. As Condition logic, we choose not equal: !=

  1. As value for the Condition variable, we enter: -20

  1. Clicking Add inserts the Condition into our Workflow.

  1. Now we can create another Step inside the Condition e.g. "check temperature". And our result should look like this.

Tip: You can delete any Workflow element (Step or Condition) by first clicking the element and then the (x) that will show next to it. Red square added for emphasis.