To create a Workflow with If-Then Condition, follow these steps:

  1. As it is currently necessary to start with a Step, we choose the Step "Show Alert" in the Step Templates menu.

  1. We then configure by naming our variable temperature and clicking + Create "temperature".

  1. Clicking Add inserts the new Step into our Workflow where the one (+) is pulsing.

  1. Next, we choose a Condition Type from the Conditions tab in the sidebar: If-Then.

  1. As Condition variable, we are offered the variable we have created before: temperature

  1. As Condition logic, we choose not equal: !=

  1. As value for the Condition variable, we enter: -20

  1. Clicking Add inserts the Condition into our Workflow.

  1. Now we can create the Step inside the Condition once more and delete one outside of it. And our result should look like this.

Tip: You can delete any Workflow element (Step or Condition) by first clicking the element and then the (x) that will show next to it. Red square added for emphasis.