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Entry Options are a set of management options available with every Labfolder Entry. They are all accessible through icons in the upper right corner of the Entry Header. The following article will describe their meaning and usage.



All entry creations and edits to an entry are recorded, along with the time and date of the action. This is then collected as a full audit trail, which can be viewed alongside the entry. By clicking on a specific edit, the entry will be shown as it was when that edit was made and highlighted in the window on the right.

  1. The full audit trail can be viewed by opening History by clicking the clock icon. 
  2. A pup-up will open: On the left, you can see the date and time of all changes to the entry. On the right side, you can see the entry in the version and date selected on the left side of the full audit trail. By clicking on the change on the left side, the respective change is highlighted on the right side with different colours:
    • green when an element has been added, 
    • orange when an element has been edited, 
    • red when an element has been deleted. 

Tip: In the document history all content can be accessed (i.e. text can be copied, files can be downloaded etc).
You can also view the full audit trial of a document of which you are not the author.

Download content from History

The entry history ensures the integrity of your files. It also allows you to download any element that you have previously removed or modified.

  1. Select History and a list of all modifications done in the entry will appear. As described immediately above.
  2. Scroll through the list to find the element you would like to restore e.g. an image.
  3. When hover over a downloadable item a download button will appear at the top-right corner. Click the button to initiate the procedure.

  1. From the Download image menu you can choose to either DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL IMAGE or DOWNLOAD IMAGE WITH ANNOTATIONS.

The vertical-dots menu

Several options are accessable through the vertical-dots menu in upper right corner of the Entry Header.

Export as PDF

Individual entries can be exported and saved as pdf files. See the instruction here.

Save as Labfolder Template

Individual entries can be saved as templates and made available for other Labfolder users. See the instruction here.

Duplicate entry

  1. Clicking Duplicate entry, under the gearwheel icon allows you to create a duplicate of the current entry without having to create a template.

  1. If you are viewing multiple projects in the Notebook view, you will be asked which project the new entry should be added to. Choose a project and confirm by clicking Create a new entry.

Tip: Copies can be created from any entry you have access to, even if you are not the author.

Hide entry

In order to keep your electronic lab notebook organized, you can choose to hide entries to keep them out of your view. 

  1. Click the vertical-dots icon and select Hide.

Note: A pop-up message will appear to inform you further about the option to show hidden items using the Settings page.


        2. Confirm by choosing the HIDE button.

See entry views

  1. Clicking Entry views, under the vertical-dots icon …
  1. … allows you to see who accessed the document and when.

Copy entry ID

This feature – returning a unique ID for your Labfolder Entry – will be meaningful in connection with Laboperator where you will find further information.

When you click you will see nothing happening. However, the Entry ID will have been copied to your clipboard. Its meaning and purpose is to unambiguously reference a Labfolder Entry. This will be necessary to automatically transfer content from the Laboperator module.

Tip: For referencing an Entry from within another Entry prefer using Labfolder's Entry referencing tool.

Collapse entry view

  1. The entry can be collapsed by clicking the arrowhead icon right on the entry header.

  1. After collapsing the entry, only the header of the entry is visible, while the content is hidden. Clicking this button again will show you all the content of the entry.

Tip: This function can also be found at the upper right corner of the page and can collapse or expand all entries shown on the page simultaneously.

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