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You consider using Labregister (our IMS) and would like to get a general introduction to what it is and what it is capable of? Or you have already decided using it but just don't know how to start? Then this article is for you.


What is Labregister?

Labregister is an Inventory Management System (or IMS for short) facilitating your equipment and supplies management. It is an automatically activated App to Labfolder, accessible either through the waffle menu
… or Sidebar > Apps > OPEN APP in the Labfolder page header.

Why using Labregister as IMS?

Inventory System

Labfolder’s inventory system — aka Labregister — helps you organize your equipment and supplies into Categories. You can create an unlimited number of Categories, in which your Items are registered. Categories help to organize your inventory and associate Attributes to the listed Items, such as Status, Name, Species, Dilution, CAS number, etc.

Strong Points

  • Labregister's highly customizable Category enables you to organize equipment, chemicals, and other laboratory supplies and even your own digital documents (manuals, guidelines, SOPs, etc.) for easy referencing. Always according to your specific research requirements.
  • Researchers can create an unlimited number of the following:
  • Labregister's Categories allow for even more in-depth inventory organization. Attribute types in a Category provide a sufficient list of options already. However, users can also create their own attributes to describe and categorize items. This allows information that applies to your research field to take priority.
  • For each added Item, Labregister auto-generates individual Item IDs, that can be additionally used for the automatic creation of barcodes. This allows you to simplify tracking the correct samples and equipment that are needed for your experiments.
  • Users can link Entries to the inventory. This enables users to check the availability of essential materials for scientific experiments.
  • To have all information in one place, you can add any file type for each Item within the limit of 25 MB/file (e.g. vector maps).
  • Get started creating an inventory list!

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