Under certain conditions, Projects or Folders can be hidden or even deleted. However, the latter should only be done after consultation and, if possible, after a previous backup, as deletion is irreversible.

private Projects/Folders case

  • A user has got the option to either hide or even permanently delete the content found in the My private projects folder. However, this applies only if the user is not part of a group that prevents private projects.
  • Because these contents will be permanently deleted once the process is confirmed, a warning window will pop-up and provide the option to download the projects as PDF files before deleting them.

Group Projects/Folders case

  • Deletion of Group data is prohibited by default.

How to hide/delete a Project/Folder

  1. Go to MANAGE > Projects.

  1. Open the Folder where the Project/Folder you would like to delete is located.
  2. Hover over the Project/Folder and then click on the gearwheel icon that appears to the right. Click Remove.

  1. A warning will appear and ask whether to Hide or to Delete the project/folder.

  • If you click Hide, you can edit it again by unhiding it.
  • If you click Delete, a pop-up window will appear to give you the option to Export as PDF.

  • If deletion is prohibited, you will be informed the process was unsuccessful after clicking Delete.