Labfolder - FAQ

How does one accept a Group invitation?
How does one add a new member to a Group?
How can one move an Entry to another Project?
Can one share private projects?
How does one change the owner of a project/folder?
How does one move Projects from one Folder to another?
How do I export/download everything I own to XHTML?
How does one remove a member from a group?
Does Labfolder offer a mobile app? Is offline working supported?
How does one export a project as a PDF?
How does one share an Entry that is part of a private project?
How do I see hidden Project/Entries/Folders?
How does one change Entry order in a Project?
How does one move/rearrange Entry elements in an Entry?
How do I sign an Entry?
Can I delete a Project or Folder?
Is there an auto-save option on Labfolder?
How do I activate an app?
What if anyone without Labfolder account is added to a group?
What are the in-ELN apps? Are they free?
Can one reuse/modify a signed entry?
How do I request a witness for an Entry?
How many Admins can exist within a Group?
How to export/download an entry as a PDF
Is Labfolder safe?
How do I delete my account?
How can one make a copy of an Entry?
How can the use of Data Elements improve templates?
What is included in a XHTML export?
How do I unhide an entry?
Will data always be protected from being deleted?
What if a member owning a folder/project/template is removed?
How do I remove a tag?
Why have my private Projects disappeared?
Can Subgroup Admins edit Group settings?
How do I unhide Projects/Folders?
How does one add a user to more than one Sub-Group?
What should I do if I forget my password?
How does Labfolder comply with GLP guidelines?
How do I open a XHTML export?
How much free storage do I have?
Which browsers are supported by Labfolder?
What happens to the license of a removed member?
How many reviewers can I assign in a workflow?
What does the Labfolder Entry ID have to offer?
Why is my notebook loading so slowly or not at all?
What is the difference between the Sign&Witness and Signature Workflows apps?
Can a Signature Workflow be deleted?
How do I change the language?
How do I change my email address?
How does one change the timezone?
Is Labfolder compatible with LDAP?
How does Labfolder protect my intellectual property?
How do I know I need to witness an entry?
Can I see who will be reviewing my entry?
What is the Dashboard?
Does Labfolder meet FDA CFR 21 Part II requirements?
What is Signature Workflows?
How does one change one's password?
Is Labfolder applicable to an ISO certified laboratory standards?
Can I create new tags in a workflow?
How do I get the Signature Workflows app?
How can one clear an image of annotations?
After an entry has been moved to another project, do I still have access to it?
What are the benefits of using Signature Workflows?
Why do I have two signing apps activated?
What are Signature Intention and Signature Label?
How are projects assigned to a Signature Workflow?
Can I still keep the original image without the annotations?
Why didn't I receive an email notifying me about a witness request?
How does on retrieve project details?
How does one remove an App from DASHBOARD?
Can one search for Entries using the Entry ID?