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Team structures in a research environment are often complex and defined by Groups, Subgroups, or Projects. To display this structure, Administrators have the possibility to create Groups and Subgroups in our ELN. 

Note: Only Administrators can create Groups and Subgroups. In order to create Subgroups, the Advanced Version of Labfolder is required.


Create group

Note: After setting up a new Group "X" in your ELN, there will be an auto-generated folder “Group projects: X” in MANAGE > Projects. Here you can define Projects within your research group. If you are using Labfolder’s Advanced Version, you will have unlimited Users on the same Project and be able to define custom Share settings for each. This feature ensures that the right people have access to the correct data.

To create a group, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Sidebar > Groups.
  2. Click on Create group. 
  3. Once the pop-up window is opened, add the name of the group. Click on CREATE.
  4. You will be forwarded to your new Group. 

Create subgroup

Advanced Version

Note: As a Labfolder Group Administrator, you may always change or modify the name of the top level Labfolder Group. Please keep in mind that you cannot alter the name of any existing Subgroups.

The Advanced Version of our ELN allows an unlimited number of Subgroups that can be created in a few easy steps: 

  1. Go to Sidebar > Groups.
  2. Open the Group you wish to modify and Click at Add new subgroup
  3. Once the pop-up window is opened, give a name to the Subgroup, select the parent (Sub-)Group, and click CREATE

Delete Group

In order to delete a Group that you no longer need or otherwise need to remove, please follow the steps as documented below:

  1. Go to Sidebar > Groups.
  2. Click on the Group that you want to delete and click on Delete Group.
  3. For security reasons, a window appears indicating if the Group is deleted, all data within the Group will also be deleted. This must be confirmed with Delete.

Tip: Before deleting the Group, you have got the option to download each Group Project as a PDF document or use the XHTML Export to create an offline archive of your own Labfolder data. 

Remove Subgroup

Advanced Version

  1. Go to Sidebar > Groups.
  2. Open the Group you wish to modify.
  3. Find the Subgroup you wish to remove and click on the 3 dots that appears to the right, then select Remove subgroup

  4. For security reasons, a pop-up window appears. Here you must confirm the deletion by clicking Remove.

Note: Before deleting the Subgroup, you need to remove all the members forming it. If not, an error message (example screenshot below) will be displayed. Please make sure that you transfer all Projects or Folders that belong to the members to someone else before doing so. Otherwise, you will get an additional error message when you try to delete individual group members. 

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