In the advanced Labfolder version, group administrators have the option to not allow private projects to be shared by their team. When joining such a group any private projects are moved to the Group projects folder. If a group does allow private projects, there are two ways to share the content of a private project with other members of a group. It is possible to share all of the content in a private project. However, if you would only like group members to see certain entries follow these steps to make a copy of an entry that’s shareable:

    1. Open the private project you'd like to share. Locate the title section in each entry header where entry and project names are shown.
    2. Click the pencil icon at the top-right corner of that section.
    3. Click on the dropdown arrow under Located in project to move the entry into a shared project.
    4. Confirm the change by clicking Save.
      • Once you've moved the entries into a group project, it's possible to adjust the Share settings of that group project. This allows you to choose who the project is shared with.