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Modified on Fri, 11 Nov, 2022 at 9:28 AM

Note: Even though this article is referring to the relocation of content as 'moving', it actually means that content is copied to target and hidden in source. This is because deleting content would violate compliance requirements.

When creating an account, there will automatically be a Folder called "my Projects" which will be private and therefore its contents will not be shareable. The article may refer to a private Project as "PP" and the Folder called "my Projects" as "PP Folder". Being private also entails that you cannot move it by dragging and dropping in the MANAGE > Projects section. Scenarios for PPs may include, but are not limited to:

  1. A user works independently of a Labfolder Group setting and collects data solely in the PP Folder.
  2. A user works independently of a Labfolder Group collecting data as PPs and then gets invited to a Group that doesn’t allow them. By accepting the Group invitation, the PPs are moved to the Group Projects Folder of that Group and become visible to everyone; the user getting notified before accepting the Group invitation. The former PPs in the Group Projects Folder are shared with the entire Group and the share settings can not be changed (neither by the author nor by the administrator).
  3. A user has worked independently of a Labfolder Group, collecting data in the PPs and then gets invited to a Group that allows PPs. The private Projects stay where they are (i.e. in an independent Folder of the Group Projects Folder) and are not visible to anyone but the owner of the PPs.
  4. A user is working in a Group that allows PPs and collects data in them. When the Group admin then changes the Group settings and doesn’t allow the PPs anymore with the current setup, the PPs disappear out of the view for everyone, including the owner of the PPs. If a Group first allows PPs and then wants to change that, there are 2 ways of preserving the content of the PPs in the Group environment. Before changing the Group settings to “prevent Group members from having private Projects”, you can do either of the following:
    • Everyone in the Group that owns PPs has to copy each Entry from their PPs to a Group Project Folder. This article explains how it works step by step. After everyone in the Labfolder Group has moved their private content to the Group environment, Group Admins can change the settings to prevent Group members from having private Projects.
    • The second option is to temporarily remove a user that collects data in private Projects from your Labfolder Group. Before a Group member can be removed, the ownership of all Projects, Templates, Folders and hidden content needs to be transferred to someone else. How the removal of Group members works, is described here in more detail. After you have removed the user, you have to change your Labfolder Group settings to prevent Group members from having private Projects. Then, you can invite the user back into your Labfolder Group. What will happen is that all the private Projects of users will automatically be moved to Group Projects (users will receive a notification that all the PPs will be moved to Group Projects as they join the Group). Afterwards, the ownerships can be changed back to the respective user. This second option could be more convenient for users that do not have a lot of content in Labfolder and therefore not many ownerships would have to be changed temporarily.

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