Devices used in everyday laboratory work, such as balances or stirrers, can be connected to Laboperator via a Connector Box. This article describes how these Devices can be attached, detached, viewed, and configured.


Attaching and Editing new Devices

To attach a Device you have to connect a cable between the Device and one of the four ports of the Connector Box (find more information here). After the cable is attached (and the Device configured correctly) the corresponding digital representation of the USB port states Attached and via the CONNECT button, a Device can be chosen from the driver list by typing in the name. You can also choose a previous connected Device by ticking the box. Note that an exact Driver has to be chosen to avoid failures. By clicking on CONFIRM the Device will be created. You may now double-click on the Device to view the default dashboard of the Device.

Besides the Connector, you can also find the Device as a Resource within the Collection the Connector is in. From here you can rename, share, etc. the device like any other Resource.

Detaching Devices

To detach a device click on the three dots in the top right corner of the USB-port representation and unlink the device.

View Device Commands

To view the commands a device has sent, open the device via the connector or the resource, open the context menu and navigate to the tab sent commands (clock symbol). You will find a list of the latest commands sent.

Configuring Devices

To configure the device driver or channels, open the device, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select settings. Configuring the device driver requires expert knowledge. Please contact your account manager if you need any help.

Note: Changing Settings of a device driver might crash the driver

The Channel options control how data points are generated.  You can configure the update behavior as well as the interval of data points.

Port Console

To view the port console of a USB port (e.g. to observe the port loggings), open the connector and click on the three dots of the port you'd like to view. Choose console from the dropdown menu. 

Simulating Devices

Laboperator also allows to simulate devices. To do so, open the connector and choose a device driver as described under "Attaching and Editing Devices". Click on the three dots in the top right of the port representation and choose simulation. You now again have to select the correct driver by typing in the name and confirm afterward.

Note: Not all drivers currently allow for simulation. Please contact your account manager to get more information about the availability of simulations.

Virtual connector vs. physical connector

Laboperator also offers the connector as a purely virtual version that can be installed on e.g. a windows computer. It can be used for example to connect to a device software running on the same machine or extract files using a folder watcher. After the installation, the connector can be added as described above. Please reach out to your account manager if you'd like to get access to the virtual connector software.