In Labregister, only numeric values can be used for Number Attributes. Therefore, LOT numbers that contain special characters (such as hyphens) or even letters can lead to an error message in the system.

Tip: In case you want to use special characters in your inventory manager, use a different type of Attribute (for example Short Text).

To identify these cells in your Excel file, please follow the steps below: 

  1. In Labregister, identify via Options > Category attributes, the Attributes with the type Number.
  2. Within the original Excel file, highlight the top row/header of your inventory.
  3. Navigate to Data > Filter to enable a filter for each of the selected columns.
  4. Enable the filter functionality for the respective column with the Number Attributes (as defined in Labregister) to filter the numbers by a custom filter.
  5. Choose to filter for cells that contain a special character, such as a hyphen.
  6. If your data allows it, remove the special character from the cells.