1. Choose to import a series of items to

    1. A newly created category

    2. An existing category, via the Add Item button

  2. Select a file (.xlsx format) you wish to import.

  3. If your Excel file has more than one worksheet choose which worksheet you want to import.

    1. Please note that you are only able to import 1 worksheet at a time.

    2. In this step you still have the possibility to press Remove file in order to select a different Excel file.

  4. Drag&drop to match the column in the worksheet to the attributes available in the category.

  5. Select Upload to complete the action.

Please note:

If you have more columns in the Excel than Attributes in the Labregister category, not all columns will be imported! Please add more attributes to the inventory category.

If you have less columns in the Excel than Attributes in the category, you won’t be able to import any data at all. You can add the respective columns in the first row to enable a successful import.