Format your import data correctly on your computer to prevent any errors when importing items to Labregister.

Requirements for all import files

  • The import file must be an .xlsx file.

  • Please note, when importing, one Excel worksheet corresponds to one inventory category. While you can only import one worksheet at a time your Excel may contain multiple sheets.

  • The import file should contain fewer than 10,000 items/rows and be smaller than 25 MB.

  • Include a header row in your file.

    • The first row of your Excel sheet (header) should correspond to an attribute that exists for the inventory list being imported.

    • During the import process, column headers of the Excel file will match to the category’s attributes in the Labregister. Where needed, you can manually map your column headers to attributes.

    • Avoid merging cells in your sheet. One header should be associated with only one column.

  • Excel columns must correspond to one of the following Labregister attribute types:

    • Text: Allows for all character types, such as letters, special characters and numbers.

    • Number: Allows numeric values only! If hyphens or units are also displayed an error will occur. Please note that Labregister indicates decimals with a dot (so 1,25 will be displayed as 1.25)

    • Hyperlink: Allows for the display of URLs in the Labfolder inventory.

    • Dates: All dates are displayed in the format DD.MM.YYYY, thereby date formats from Excel may be converted if stated as 01-Jan or 16/01/2020.

  • The Name attribute cannot be empty!