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All management of the application happens through the admin dashboard. This article explains the general layout and some common functions of the dashboard. Check the specific article about Platform Installation for details about how to access.

Dashboard Overview

  • Sequence

    Unique identifier for every new deployment. It will increase with every configuration change or new version.

  • Version

    The platform version. It follows the SemVer standards. It increases only with a new platform release.

  • Deploy

    It will deploy the new sequence. Only applications with changes will be restarted. The deployment strategy is Rolling Update. It will have no downtime, except in exceptional versions, which Labforward’s team will communicate in advance.

  • Redeploy

    Same as Deploy, but with the same sequence number.

  • Start Snapshot

    Initiate the backup mechanism for the data inside the cluster.

  • Snapshot Settings

    Configure when and how the backups will be done.

  • Menubar

    • Version History

      Shows every replicated’s sequence, previously, currently, or not deployed. It can show previous configurations, differences between versions, rollback, and deploy actions for specific sequences.

    • Config

      Opens the configuration page for the currently deployed version. After changing any configuration, a new sequence will be created. Then, the admin will have the option to deploy it.

    • Troubleshoot

      Provides analysis of the cluster’s resources and application. It will export logs and metrics into a support bundle tar file. This file can be shared with Labforward for more effective support.

    • License

      Shows the products available for the client’s current license.

    • View files

      Shows all the Kubernetes resources used in Labforward’s installation.  are available.

    • Registry Settings

      Configures Replicated’s private registry.

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