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Every property in the config dashboard is self-documented with descriptions and hints. The config dashboard can be accessed through the “Config” menu option. This article describes general guidelines to support the configurations.

Default Values

The default values will provide reasonable generic values for a fresh installation. The admin can adjust every value based on the environment requirements.

Resource Management

Every service has a Minimum and Maximum CPU and memory resources available in the admin’s dashboard. Every installation starts with reasonable defaults for each resource. The admin may increase it while the application gets higher loads. 

  • Minimum or Request: Kubernetes enforces it. The service will not start up if the cluster lacks the minimum resource;
  • Maximum or Limit: it defines how much Kubernetes can vertically scale up each specific resource based on the service usage. 

Labforward’s platform can vertically scale up and down the resources based on the Request and Limit definitions. 

For more details, check this kubernetes documentation.

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