Monitoring and Debugging

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A system can only be expected to be stable while monitoring and troubleshooting will be performed regularly. This article explains the simple administration.


Log Management

If you install the cluster via the provided installer, logs can be found on the host machine at:

  • /var/log/pods or /var/log/containers → for the individual pods/containers
  • /var/log/apiserver → for the Kubernetes API server

The application logs are ephemeral and connected with each application's lifecycle. If the application is restarted, then its log will disappear. 


The Labforward support team can assist with support bundles. A support bundle being a compressed folder with relevant files intended to help investigate cluster issues, such as, but not limited to:

  • Application logs
  • Replicated configurations
  • Cluster metadata
  • Kubernetes manifests

The admin can create the Support Bundle bundle at any moment and attach it to a support request.

Create Support Bundle

  1. Open the admin console.
  2. Create support bundle by clicking:
    1. Troubleshooting
    2. Support Bundles
    3. Generate a support bundle.
  3. Click on Download bundle to get the compressed file.
  4. Attach the tar.gz to the Labforward support request.

Note: The support bundle will be created based on Replicated's configuration.

Redactors - Data Security

Multiple redactors review all data inside the support bundles. They will hide sensitive information, such as IPs, secrets, and passwords, preventing them from leaving the customer's domain. For more details, check this replicated documentation.

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