Kubernetes Upgrade

Modified on Wed, 01 Nov 2023 at 02:23 PM

This document outlines the process for upgrading Kubernetes and its internal components. 

Note: This upgrade is independent of Labforward's product release cycle and should not have any functional impact.

Release Schedule

Labforward adheres to Kubernetes' official release schedule (Releases) with a three-month lag. 

Here are the upcoming Labforward Platform upgrades:

  • January 2024: Kubernetes 1.29
  • April 2024: Kubernetes 1.30
  • July 2024: Kubernetes 1.31

Supported Versions

Labforward provides support for the three most recent Kubernetes versions following the Release Schedule. 

Please note that the functionality of the applications in any other version is not assured.

Here is the list of currently supported Kubernetes versions:

  • Kubernetes 1.28
  • Kubernetes 1.27
  • Kubernetes 1.26

Upgrade Process

In the Kubernetes host, run:

curl -sSL https://kurl.sh/labforward-customer-channel  | sudo bash

Tip: You can review the list of all add-ons that will be upgraded or installed at the following URL: https://kurl.sh/labforward-customer-channel
Tip: If you are managing your own Kubernetes cluster, deployed independently of the Labforward installer, it is the responsibility of the IT administrator to handle cluster updates using their preferred method.

Extra Upgrade Actions

This section outlines the pre-upgrade steps required beyond the upgrade command mentioned earlier. These actions are specific to Labforward resources and the respective Kubernetes upgrades:

  • Kubernetes 1.27 to 1.28: No additional actions are necessary.
  • Kubernetes 1.25 to 1.26: No additional actions are necessary.
  • Kubernetes 1.24 to 1.25: No additional actions are necessary.
  • Kubernetes 1.23 to 1.24: No additional actions are necessary.
  • Kubernetes 1.22 to 1.23: No additional actions are necessary.

For a full changelog, refer to the Kubernetes documentation at Upgrading kubeadm clusters.

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