1. Activation of the in-ELN app Sign and Witness is a prerequisite for this process.
  2. Two ways to see the entry to be witnessed:
    • Method A:
      1. Go to DASHBOARD and Witnessing tile.
      2. Click on the entry listed

    • Method B:
      1. Click on the bell next to your account picture
      2. Select the notification for witnessing an entry. It will redirect you to the DASHBOARD page and the Witnessing tile.
      3. Click on the entry listed
      4. The link will open the entry which needs witnessing.

    • You can witness by entering your account password or your handwritten signature
    • Confirm your witness by clicking WITNESS.

Note: As assigned witness you will also get an email notification informing about the pending witness request and providing a link conveniently pointing to the witness page where you can directly check the entry and counter-sign, if you agree with it.