As for Labregister, it is possible to export a Category, to edit it, and to re-import it even. However, it is important to observe the following poins:

  • Note that in the process of re-importing the existing inventory items will not be updated, because Labregister does not check for duplicates. This also applies to item IDs. When importing, they cannot be transferred, i.e for each item in the excel sheet new item IDs are automatically created. Based on the creation date, it follows the format LR-YYYYMMDD-{incremental number}.
  • When you upload an Excel file to an existing inventory list, all items are sorted into your list in alphabetical order.
  • The export file will contain the Status attribute which, while importing a file, is by default assigned to each of the items and cannot be imported from an external Excel sheet. It is therefore recommended to skip the status attribute while matching the attributes during the upload process.
  • Make sure you have the correct formatting in your Excel file.