As an Administrator on the organizational level, you have several server administration options. Navigate to more in the navigation menu and click on server administration.


Several features of the Laboperator software can be turned on or off here:


Registered applications can request authorization for a user and ask for specific permissions. Once authorized by the user, these applications can interact with Laboperator in the name of that user within the given permission scopes. To add a new OAuth client application click on the three dots on the right and select new application. Here you can set the name, the redirected URI, and the scope of access level (read, update, delete). After submitting the new application will be shown, displaying the application ID and secret that is required during authentication against the API.

Security Certificates

Here you can download a CA certificate if your server uses a self-signed certificate. 

Connector-Box Enrollment 

To enroll a connector with the server you use, download the enrollment file onto a USB stick and plug it into the connector to enroll.


Here you will see the current version of Laboperator.