Device Locking

Modified on Thu, 16 Nov 2023 at 04:17 PM

With the Device Locking feature, you can be notified by Laboperator when selecting an occupied device in a workflow run. Sending commands will be blocked unless the device occupancy is released.

Note: Users should be familiar with Laboperator YAML script.

Example with workflow runs

In this example workflow run, two fields are created for selecting a balance and storing the weight values. A button is added to trigger the get_weight command to the selected balance.


By choosing the balance in the drop-down menu and clicking on the Print button at the bottom, it is possible to get the weight value with success notifications.

To simulate the situation when multiple workflow runs want to access to the same device, a second identical workflow run is created. 

When selecting the same device: Cubis MSE, which is being occupied by Test 0.0.1 run #1, there is a red error notification. Sending the command get_weight to the balance is blocked, thus the Stable Weight field is not updated. 

User can notice there is a small lock icon added next to the device name.

To release the occupancy of the device, users can deselect it in the Test 0.0.1 run #1. Pausing or finishing that workflow run will have the same effect.

Users can notice that the lock icon is gone and the indicator goes from gray to normal green.

Now, in the Test 0.0.1 run #2, it is possible to request and receive the weight data. On the other hand, it is now blocked in the Test 0.0.1 run #1 because it is being used by Test 0.0.1 run #2 .

More information about device occupancy

By accessing to the device control page, the information about the current user with his workflow run or measurement can be found at the top of the page.

Here is an example of device locking by a workflow run:

Here is an example of device locking by a measurement:

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